I’m huge on Tumblr

Ok, that’s not true, but I did create two dumb things that brought me the most Internet attention of my Internet life. I’ve pasted them below for your review — your amusement mileage may vary, I won’t be offended.

#1 – HamilmonGo


My caption: “WOO! I caught a @Lin_Manuel “Linachu” today in the new HamilmonGo game! Rise up and catch ‘em all!”

About the post: Pokémon Go had just launched and took the country by storm and Hamilton was at peak media coverage, so I had a feeling this would attract Tumblr attention, which it did.

#2 – SWOT Analysis, The Power of Love


My caption: “In case you’ve also had it stuck in your head that it would be nice to finally have a SWOT Analysis of “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and The News. I’m now free from this thought and can move onto my next absurd mental hang-up. You’re welcome.”

About the post: For some reason, there was a SWOT analysis phase at work and this seemed like a hilarious idea to me. The post was reblogged by I Love Charts which drove lots of views and reblogs.