About Me

My name is Scott Baker. I’m nice enough and taller than most.

The Professional: I’m a customer success and client services professional with loads of account management, consulting and solution architecture experience. I’m currently focused on the AI assistant space (i.e. virtual assistants, natural language understanding, chatbots), but I’m also known for my time and expertise in the online video world.

The Personal: I’m a drinker of coffee, butterer of toast, walker of dogs, maker of dinners, reader of comics, collector of records, listener of podcasts, writer of fiction, devout fan and follower of Boston sports teams, watcher of Netflix, and partner in crime to my kick-ass wife.

Are you still reading this “About Me” page? Really?

The Occasional:  Whenever I think I have something worthwhile to say, maybe I’ll post it here, or most likely I’ll think better of it and not post it. Because, really, what does it matter?

My intentionally limited social media presence can be found here: Linkedin

Wishing peace and good health to you and yours, and with best regards,

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